OTF’s What We Do short animated video (EN)

Hi CEPA colleagues,

This is the short animated video (in English) that we use to showcase what we do.  We find this especially useful in presentations to teacher candidates.

Ian Pettigrew

Ian is a teacher. He is serving as the 2018-2019 CEPA President. He is also the Director of Curriculum and Assessment and Chair of the OTF/All-Affiliate Staff Political Action Work Group at the Ontario Teachers' Federation. Previously, he worked for the Peel District School Board for 20 years.

One thought on “OTF’s What We Do short animated video (EN)

  1. I can attest that this video is very helpful in terms of educating our members about the respective roles of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, it’s affiliates, and the Ontario College of Teachers, especially the latter, which is continually straying into the jurisdiction of the teacher federations.

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