Latest Edition of OSSTF Update

We recently published our last edition of OSSTF/FEESO Update for this school year.  You can view our back issues on our provincial website.

While most of the content may only be of specific interest to our members, you may find a few articles of interest for yourselves or members of your federation.

In our latest edition, our editorial is about Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne needing to “hit the reset button” on public education.

NEASE (Reset Button) (1024x765)

Interesting Podcast epsiode

Arthur Nash

Hey folks, I listen to a lot of podcasts and always keep one ear open for labour-related topics. This recent episode from Futility Closet highlights the story of Arthur Nash who in the early 20th century inadvertently purchased what was essentially a sweatshop. The decided to give his employees decent wages and expected the company to bankrupt itself within the year. What actually happened is an amazing story.

Listen here: Futility Closet Podcast Episode 107: Arthur Nash and the Golden Rule