OTF – Public Education in Ontario: Who Does What? & L’Éducation publique en Ontario : Qui fait quoi?

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation created these four-page resources – Public Education in Ontario: Who Does What? and L’Éducation publique en Ontario : Qui fait quoi? – to help explain the roles of key players in the public education landscape in Ontario.  Teacher candidates receive the resource as part of their welcome package and session at all Faculties of Education in Ontario.


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Latest Edition of OSSTF Update

We recently published our last edition of OSSTF/FEESO Update for this school year.  You can view our back issues on our provincial website.

While most of the content may only be of specific interest to our members, you may find a few articles of interest for yourselves or members of your federation.

In our latest edition, our editorial is about Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne needing to “hit the reset button” on public education.

NEASE (Reset Button) (1024x765)