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We originally designed this website so that every time someone posted, all of us would get email notification.

I don’t think most of us (or any of us) are getting email notifications.

For instance, by me posting this, you should be getting an email notification.

If you do get an  email notification, could you please send me an email letting me know?


Interesting Podcast epsiode

Arthur Nash

Hey folks, I listen to a lot of podcasts and always keep one ear open for labour-related topics. This recent episode from Futility Closet highlights the story of Arthur Nash who in the early 20th century inadvertently purchased what was essentially a sweatshop. The decided to give his employees decent wages and expected the company to bankrupt itself within the year. What actually happened is an amazing story.

Listen here: Futility Closet Podcast Episode 107: Arthur Nash and the Golden Rule

Front cover of Fall Issue of OSSTF’s Education Forum

Hey CEPA folks! I just wanted to share the front over of our fall issue of Education Forum. Our graphic artist Audrey Bourque created a stencil and used to paint to create an original piece of artwork, She then manipulated it with InDesign (I think) to add the red areas.

Concussion front cover

The article on concussions is pretty amazing too! If you want to read it, you can access it on our site here.